Special sockets and switches

For special requirements in hospitals

Special SCHUKO® sockets

  • Sockets for special power circuits
  • With coloured marking in green for SV (backup power supply system) and orange for ZSV (additional backup power supply system)
  • Special frames for use in cable ducts

Potential equalisation socket

  • Designed in compliance with DIN 42801
  • Offer adequate safety even in the OP room
  • Available in the design of the A, CD and LS series.

SCHUKO® socket with function light

  • Function light to display the supply of power
  • It is possible to replace the function light without interrupting the power
  • Function lights also available as long-life LED versions in red and green.

Emergency switch with glass cover

  • In the event of danger simply break the glass of the emergency switch and press the button.
  • The desired function is then activated: for example, the fire alarm, the smoke extractor or the opening of the dome light.

Pull cord switch

  • Is installed outside of the patient’s reach and activated with the help of a pull cord
  • The reassurance light is plainly visible after activation
  • Use as an emergency call in toilets or baths