Data connectors

Data connectors and accessories

Mounting sets to hold data connectors

Available in the following versions:
  • for 1 AMP CO Plus installation kit for floor box installation, AMP No. 0-1394763-1, Cat.: depending on application
  • for 1 duplex coupling, fibre optic, SC system, Amphenol, or Avaya (Lucent Technologies) (AT+T), or Tyco Electronics AMP
  • for 1 built-in socket, XLR system
  • for 1 jack
  • for 2 jacks
  • for 1 DIN connection module 2 x RJ 45
  • for 2 sockets Ø 12.7 BNC system
  • for 2 individual modules 8 (8), E-DAT module, RJ 45 system, shielded, BTR No. 130910-i, Cat. 6
  • for 2 chassis plugs with standard enclosure, 2 sockets, loudspeaker plug connections and 2 plugs, loudspeaker plug connections
  • for 2 socket plugs, Sub-D
  • for 2 duplex couplings, fibre optic, SC system, Amphenol, fibre optic, SC system, Avaya (Lucent Technologies) (AT+T); fibre optic, SC system, Tyco Electronics AMP
  • closed, for individual holes

The 30° mounting adapter

  • A mounting adapter for modular jack connectors from various manufacturers
  • with 30° outlets is particularly suitable for protecting cable material and sensitive plugs.
  • Any prescribed bending radii are complied with here
  • Corresponding design covers are available in the AS, A and LS ranges
  • Integrated dust protection lids safeguard any exposed connections from penetration of dust and dirt
  • the Modular-Jack-Assistent offers an Excel sheet, to explain compatibility with other manufacturers of Modular-Jacks with JUNG Design

Data connection enclosure with inscription field 23 x 59 mm

  • Complete with supporting ring, screw fastening
  • For vertical and angled outlet, 15° or 30°
  • The 30° setting allows a combination of several data enclosures, also arranged vertically
  • Available in the CD and LS series

Data connection enclosure 75 x 86 x 58 mm

  • For the WG 800 series
  • 1 cable gland
  • with inscription field 21 x 59 mm
  • Only for vertical outlet
  • Without mounting sets

Sub-D plug

  • Supplied with screw locking bolt with UNC 4/40 thread
  • For the A, CD and LS series

BNC sockets

  • Versions: 9.7 mm Ø 75 Ω (soldered connection) or 12.7 mm Ø 50 Ω (crimped connection)
  • The BNC system is also used to transfer low-power DC currents, low-frequency AC currents and pulses in laboratory operation.