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plug + go is the pre-assembled solution for simple, fast and clean installation in furniture or cavity wall systems. Ideal for use in hotels or offices where room equipment is repeated. Thus the electrical installation can be implemented quickly and inexpensively, and where necessary can be adapted or changed at any time.

plug + go simplifies the installer’s work. It gives architects and investors planning certainty, as deadlines and costs can be calculated reliably. Thanks to the JUNG modular system, the ready-to-plug-in system can be individually finished with flush-mounting components with the various components, and then quickly installed. Fitting precisely to the combinations from JUNG, the partner company Wieland supplies plugs, distributors and power cables for the basic installation. During installation,
the components only have to be put together. This shortens the installation time by up to 70%. In addition, the defect rate is reduced. Compared to a standard installation, the total costs, despite higher material costs, are about 30% lower. Persuasive arguments for new buildings and retrofitting. The pre-assembled, contract-specific devices in each case are tested at JUNG and their function checked. At the end, you receive the test label “Tested and Approved by JUNG” as a seal of quality.

Function Test

The preassembled plug + go units according to individual order are tested in the JUNG test laboratory for function and electrical safety.

Seal of quality

They receive the test label “Tested and Approved by JUNG” as a seal of quality.


The assembled plug + go unit is shipped and can be mounted directly on site.

Strong partner

We provide the plug + go installation system jointly with our partner Wieland. The company contributes the matching connectors, distributors and supply cables for the JUNG combinations.

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