Premium equipment for yachts

Convenience, style and technology do not contradict each other. It is more a promise. With the solutions from JUNG, the result of a unique engineering achievement is brought to the high seas. The exclusive designs and the experience in the system technology field give you perfect support in yacht building.

JUNG has already been supporting partners in yacht construction for years with its expertise in the fields of switch design and electrical installation. JUNG brings this experience into the German Boat and Shipbuilding Association, where the leading organisations in the German yacht industry are organised. This association has the goal of making the location of Germany even more well-known and to promote yacht construction. Ideal for JUNG – with us you get precision work “Made in Germany”. The highest quality and extraordinary material competence combine with sophisticated technology and the passion for the sea. All this is reflected in the premium products that JUNG offers for yachts.
The JUNG design programme stands for an aesthetic variety of form and colour. But its technology also meets the demands of sailing boats, cruisers and motor boats. After all, for a luxury yacht the equipment must also satisfy high demands. 


Switch design for motor and sailing yachts

Every day, switches precisely engineered in the finest detail are created for all demands at JUNG. Partly finished by hand, they are really unique items. The high-quality, stylish switches and frames integrate themselves into every yacht interior.

Smart technology, even on the water

KNX is the only globally recognised standard for system technology. Numerous yachts have already been equipped with KNX. The smart technology increases convenience in every cabin and provides more security on board the superyacht.

With a KNX system on board, the crew controls all the technology on the yacht smartly and efficiently. As a founding member of the KNX Association, JUNG has supported this highly intelligent technology since 1990 - also in yacht construction. 

More than 200 functions are possible with the connection systems from JUNG – from multimedia components via international connections to a completely networked KNX system. These are the advantages of KNX in the cabin and on deck:


Cosy dimmed or brightly lit: Scene control independent of the use.

Sun protection

Always towards the sun: light comes in automatically or the screening protects the private sphere.


A constant comfortable temperature: there are always comfortable temperatures in the cabins.

Remote access

Remote access: KNX components for a yacht can also be operated while mobile.