JUNG eNet SMART HOME: More comfort and security – very simply via radio

Switching or dimming. Control blinds or heating – from home or on the move. JUNG eNet SMART HOME is the ideal solution for more comfort and security in your own home, in smaller offices, law firms etc. Not only in new buildings, but also particularly for modernisation.

The eNet radio system closes the gap between conventional technology, in which devices are wired via a power cable, and networked building system technology. With the eNet SMART HOME extension, switching and control of building services via smartphone, local or remote access is possible.

Overview of the advantages

Switch and control how you would like to

Do you want to combine blinds and lighting with each other? Do you want to retrofit a light switch next to the bed? Do you want to control the heating while on the move? JUNG eNet SMART HOME is suitable for numerous installation tasks. The future-proof wireless system networks the control of building services in private apartments and smaller offices.

  • Intuitive to operate via wall transmitter or app
  • Devices from different manufacturers can be networked
  • Easily configurable by the user


Installed quickly and cleanly

New construction or old building, private household or smaller commercial unit: eNet radio receivers disappear into the existing flush-mounted sockets or in the sub-distribution. Your Service Partner installs the switches where they are needed. Without the walls having to be chiselled for this. Thus you receive intelligent building technology without inconvenient structural activities, which adapts itself at any time to your desires.

  • Switches exactly where they are needed
  • Mounting without dust and dirt
  • System installed by a specialist


makes property more secure

Outdoor lighting, presence simulation or remote access – with eNet SMART HOME you are on the safe side. And the security of eNet SMART HOME is not limited to only deterring uninvited guests. The communication of the networked devices is fully encrypted. For remote access via smartphone, the server location in Germany guarantees compliance with European data protection requirements.

  • More security around the house
  • Access on the move
  • Fully encrypted communication


Smart update
for the standard installation

JUNG eNet SMART HOME is clever system technology that gives you all the freedom you need. With just a few simple steps, your eNet Service Partner converts the existing standard installation into a wireless application – in the entire house, in individual rooms or outdoors. If your wishes change, or if new rooms are added, simply add to the existing wireless components, because eNet SMART HOME is a system that grows with you.

  • Ideal for the modernisation of a standard electrical installation
  • Easily adaptable to changes in room utilisation
  • Add new components at any time

Smart possibilities for the home and smaller offices

Living in an eNet SMART HOME

Your home can do more with eNet SMART HOME. Operate lighting, blinds, heating, sockets and much more simply by radio.

Working in an eNet SMART OFFICE

Easily transform smaller offices, law firms, agencies and other commercial premises into a Smart Office.

Find eNet Service Partners

The network of eNet SMART HOME service partners provides you with comprehensive, competent service and professional installation.

It’s that simple

Advice and installation are performed by the electrical specialist from your region. You say which functions eNet SMART HOME should fulfil and the professional sets up the system according to your wishes.

You take over after the set-up by the specialist: Use rules to define automatic house control processes or create your own routines with the time control functions.

And if you want to upgrade or have any questions, your Service Partner is also there for you after the installation.

eNet SMART HOME links strong brands.

The aim of eNet SMART HOME is to provide private and business customers with a modern and high-quality building control system. Well-known manufacturers of building system technology have set up the eNet Alliance to ensure that all components meet these requirements. It consists of the companies Brumberg, Gira, Häfele, Jung, Siedle, Steinel Professional and tado°. This means that eNet SMART HOME stands for comprehensive system technology that you can trust in the long term.