Electrical installations from JUNG are future-proof and energy-saving. This is how dimmable lighting control works today: intuitively, conveniently and quickly retrofitted by installation in flush-mounted boxes and false ceilings.

New designs for more flexibility: the Universal LED dimmer is available in two versions. The first is as Universal LED dimmer installation. This is optimal for lamps in false ceilings, whereas the second version, the Mini Universal LED dimmer, has a place in mounting boxes.
Both LED dimmers provide the option of using any switch-on brightness or to save the last brightness used for a light. The operation of all current lights is via a 2-wire satellite unit or a button with normally open contact from the LB Management – dimming completely without flickering. Once installed in the electrical system, the dimmer inserts set the appropriate dimming principle automatically – even after a change of the light or the LED lamp. Both new dimmers work according to the leading edge phase control or trailing edge phase control principle. You will find further information and operating instructions in the JUNG online catalogue.

The dimensions of the Dimmer Mini Universal LED amount to 48 x 19.5 mm.
Due to its compact design, the dimmer is optimally suited to installation in flush-type boxes.

The built-in Dimmer Universal LED measures 97 x 53 x 36 mm.
Thanks to the terminal cover, the dimmer is suitable for use in suspended ceilings and can alternatively be snapped onto a DIN rail.

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