Hidden Tints, Stockholm Sweden

Hidden Tints, Stockholm Sweden

Hidden tints – Stockholm apartment from the 19th century

Old wooden floors and ornaments in stucco and joinery, as well as three old tiled ovens – these attractive characteristics were concealed during the use of the spaces as an office.
During the renovation and repurposing as an apartment, the actual colours and designs from the 19th century came to light: green, pink and various shades of yellow on the walls and the tiled ovens. The original colour range was added to in order to form a bridge between the strong original colours.

So that the original elements were not impaired or lost, the new ones were placed between the old ornaments. All cupboards designed for the apartment float on the walls between skirting boards and stucco, or are free-standing on the floor. Two new walls were added that inherited the same markings as the cupboards - a veneered surface with lines that cross to form squares, matching the most beautiful pattern in the apartment. 

As a result, the apartment was moved in a contemporary direction; the result is a harmonious but colour-rich experience - inspired by the original splendour. Matching the play of colours and the modern elements, the JUNG classic LS 990 design in Dark was used.

Used Designs and technologies