Strong alliance

In order to be able to offer the users more added value with eNet SMART HOME, we rely on an alliance of strong partners. Together with other brand-name manufacturers, we are therefore consistently extending the functionality of the eNet system.

eNet SMART HOME will meet all the demands of modern building automation. By networking the competencies of different manufacturers in an alliance, the user has a maximum number of clever solutions for their home available. In this way, the user can not only control lighting and shade with eNet SMART HOME but also integrate heating control. Quality unified under a future-proof system standard. Operate cross-functionally with an app. And: competently advised, installed and maintained by professionals. Can be updated at any time and adapted to new situations.

Clear advantages

eNet SMART HOME, with its systematic structure, supports the specialist tradesman just as much as builders and modernisers. Architects also benefit from the advantages of the smart radio system.
Specialist tradespeople
  • A growing, future-proof system creates customer loyalty.
  • Fast installation of the familiar devices and simple commissioning using a browser-based tool.
  • The future principle: Integration of new applications into existing systems.
  • The brand principle: Established manufacturers as partners increase the function possibilities.
  • The service principle: Build up customer loyalty – from the first consultation to retrofitting.
  • The trust principle: Data security as persuasive argument for customers.
  • Customers can set up applications such as schedules and group functions individually with an app.
  • On request, with the agreement of the customer, it is possible to set up remote access to the eNet system.
  • Not only the home, but also a rented apartment or the new extension can be equipped or retrofitted.
  • The future principle: Adapts flexibly to life, including changed conditions or moving house.
  • The brand principle: A quality-conscious system with components from brand-name manufacturers.
  • The service principle: Trained specialists as contact partners for consultation, planning, implementation and support.
  • The trust principle: Encrypted communication and software updates make the system permanently secure.
  • The function principle: A simple-to-operate system for all ages.
  • Intuitive operation: Simple control is ensured from anywhere with the app.
  • Low installation effort results in reduced costs.
  • Quality system for every type of building; simple retrofitting for existing structures.
  • The future principle: Protection of the investment with future-proof system standards.
  • The brand principle: The promise of quality from strong brand partners in the eNet Alliance.
  • The service principle: Working with competent partners who understand the whole building and not just the system.