eNet SMART HOME secure

Secure communication

Data security is more important than ever these days. Therefore, it is a priority in the eNet SMART HOME and is ensured with a package of measures. For more security and a good feeling.

The complete wireless traffic between devices in the eNet SMART HOME system is encrypted, both in the local network and for remote access.
All internet services are also only handled via servers located in Germany. After commissioning and activation of all protective measures, changes in the system can only be made by authorised users using the password-protected commissioning interface. All encryption uses individual device keys that are not visible to the installer or the user. The eNet Security Cloud Service provides the required code so that it is neither entered manually nor, for example has to be scanned using QR codes.

Fully encrypted wireless transmission
Both in the local network and for remote access
Germany server location
Data protection in accordance with German law

Protection against manipulation
Locking of the programming function on devices
Individual device codes
Automatically allocated, individual keys – no manual entry