Ulm university hospital - Universitätsklinikum Ulm

A new hospital building using modern technology made by JUNG

In 2012, after four years of construction, the Ulm University Hospital (Universitätsklinikum Ulm) moved into its new home, a highly modern building housing its specialist surgery and dermatology medical units under one roof.

Built according to plans by KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten, the building is flooded with light and its two to three storeys are largely embedded in the landscape. The 160 metre-long rectangular block houses the wards, rising above a base structure, follows the site’s natural shape. Its architects chose a colour concept in yellow, orange, red and brown tones for this new building. In the atriums and wings of the building, these colours provide orientation, while in other areas they function purely as design elements.

Advanced solutions
The new building housing the surgery and dermatology units has a capacity of 235 beds, 15 operating rooms and intensive care units with 80 monitoring and nursing beds, an emergency department, specialist outpatient units and radiology. It is equipped throughout with the most modern medical technology and an advanced electrical installation, the latter expertly set up with solutions from JUNG.

As well as all the classic basic functions of an electrical installation, automated processes were included in the building’s planning, while the specific aspects of daily hospital operations also had to be taken into account. The JUNG KNX system installed in Ulm meets all these demands. It is now possible to control the system‘s functions centrally and optimally network the hospital’s various units. JUNG’s classic LS 990 range of thermoset plastic switches was used throughout the electrical installation’s design. This material is resistant to cleaning with disinfectants, which is of course a vital aspect in a hospital. The system components, coloured alpine white, fit superbly with their surroundings. A light-grey colour was used in the patients‘ bathrooms and the elegant and robust stainless steel switches mounted on the glass walls of the vestibule.

As well as the LS 990 design concept, the WG 800 surface-mounted range was used for the electrical installation in the hospital building‘s technical areas, such as the server room, boiler rooms and air conditioning centre. This range is splash proof, largely UV-resistant and made of a shatterproof thermoplastic material – ideally suited to the environmental conditions in these areas of the hospital.

Used Designs and technologies