Indoor swimming pool, Stutensee

Sustainable swimming pool north of Karlsruhe

After only 18 month’s construction time, a new indoor swimming pool was built near Karlsruhe using the design of the architects Stuttgarter 4a. The modern swimming pool will be used 30 percent by schools, 15 percent by clubs and 55 percent by the general public.

The indoor swimming pool is divided into two buildings of different heights that interlock at the interface. The smaller building includes the reception area and the changing and shower rooms. It differs from the remaining building by its height and the sheet metal façade. The pool area is in the larger building with a total water surface of 368 m² and three different pools.

The indoor swimming pool was developed applying the sustainability criteria for buildings financed with local public funds. Windows down to ground level and generous glass façades open up the space and offer visitors a view of nature and direct access to the terrace area. Wood was used as the load-bearing structure for the swimming pool building and the changing area. The lamellar structure has an aesthetic effect and optimises the acoustics of the space. The JUNG LS 990 design classic in black was used.

Used Designs and technologies