Dental practice in Stein near Nuremburg

Dentist visit in the Alpine air

Most people dread visiting the dentist, even when there’s no drilling to be done. The cool surroundings and the smell of disinfectant don’t help either, making for an uncomfortable atmosphere. But for patients at the dentistry and implantology clinic in Stein near Nuremburg, it’s a whole different story. The only match for the friendliness, dedication, professionalism and expertise on hand at the clinic is the extraordinary Alpine atmosphere. As they enter the clinic, patients are greeted with the pleasant scent of pine rising from a rustic oak trough full of tiny fir trees.

The dentist’s love of the mountains was the inspiration for the clinic’s Alpine design. The interior design firm 12:43 of Stuttgart used this passion to create a mountain theme. The three floors of the practice are not numbered; instead, they are separated into valley, slope and peak ‘stations’, with each floor assigned a logical function. A huge stone creates a natural connection between the floors. On the ground floor, a stone slab has ‘broken off’ to form the reception desk. Birch tree trunks, arranged in a grove, provide a place for patients to hang their coats and belongings. Various sections of the walls are finished in oak, further enhancing the natural Alpine character of the clinic rooms.

The resulting landscape continues throughout the 420 square metres and all floors of the clinic. And while the admittedly unusual environment provides a relaxing space for adults, younger patients can use the inside of the stone to play and explore. They even have their own separate treatment area located off to the side with walls covered in colourful murals.

A wooden staircase in the reception area leads to the treatment rooms for adult patients. In plain white and brown, the rooms exude a sense of well-being. The electrical installation, with classic LS 990 switches in white, aluminium and anthracite from JUNG, merges seamlessly with this peaceful atmosphere. Deliberately separated from the rest of the clinic, a room has been prepared for surgical procedures. One floor above at the peak station, training courses are provided on a regular basis. The peak station also offers employees their own space to rest and relax. With its impressive design concept, 12:43 has succeeded in creating an environment that makes you forget your reason for visiting, if only for a short while.

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