Welcome to the eNet SMART HOME

Two worlds, one system: The familiar eNet wireless system has now become eNet SMART HOME. This is the extended expansion stage for advanced and convenient operation ­ using a smart phone, locally or remotely, and safe, fully encrypted communication. Base: the eNet Server. For more security and convenience in use. For simpler installation.

Everything under mobile control

Control the eNet SMART HOME from anywhere? Simply mobile with the app – whether in your own WLAN or by remote access. Including all settings affecting the Smart Home. Base: the eNet Server.

eNet and eNet SMART HOME

eNet and eNet SMART HOME stand for both expansion stages in modern, wireless-based, electrical installation. They are distinguished by various characteristics. Some of these apply to both systems, while some are only present for the respective individual expansion stage.
Overview of features and characteristics

The eNet transmitters and receivers

The eNet transmitters and receivers are available in different designs depending on the application. They are always impressive for functionality and ease of use. Users have their homes firmly under control.

tado° Professional devices for temperature control

Cross-trade functions can be realised in the eNet SMART HOME, including the smart and energy-efficient tado° heating control. Further information

Living in an eNet SMART HOME – Application examples:

Strong alliance

For more information on the individual products, technical data and training possibilities: on eNet SMART HOME there is a package of documentation and measures for specialist tradespeople.