Timeless, reduced, consistent

Consistent variety of solutions, the greatest possible reduction in the design: LS ZERO transfers the design constants of the classic LS 990 range to a new flush-mounted interpretation. Installed in furniture, brickwork or drywalls, LS ZERO creates a level plane in any type of installation between the surface and the operating element. Furnishing concepts thus make a compelling and creative statement. All the requirements for a modern electrical installation can of course be implemented with LS ZERO.


LS ZERO installed in furniture

Part of furniture design
With LS ZERO, the electrical installation is now part of the creative element of furniture design: thanks to the fully flush-mounted installation, the furniture and switches are interlinked in an almost seamless transition. This creates new possibilities for modern architecture and interior design. There is a trailer available under which clearly illustrates the individual steps required for the installation.

Using the drawing data provided by JUNG, the furniture maker can work to the nearest millimetre. After milling the cut-out, conventional cavity wall boxes are placed in position for the flush-mounted installation of the required insert, LS ZERO frame and cover.

Either installed separately in single frames or combined in multiple frames (2- or 3-gang): a flush-mounted installation is achieved with LS ZERO. The range is available in white as well as in the Le Corbusier® colour palette.

LS ZERO: Brickwork and drywall installation

Reduction as a statement
When installed in brickwork and cavity walls, a unique, harmonious and level installation is achieved with LS ZERO – using conventional device boxes and a uniform, narrow frame. Using a special plaster frame, a consistent fit and a bonded connection is also achieved.


In this type of installation, the plaster frame forms a firmly bonded connection with the plaster. The use of the supplied plaster cover enables clean and neat plastering. The installation is carried out in conventional flush-type boxes which are flush with the brickwork.


A prerequisite for this type of installation is the double panelling of the drywall. A conventional cavity wall box is used; the LS ZERO plaster frame has the same profile height as a plasterboard (12.5 mm) and also enables a firmly bonded connection with the surface.

Alternative: 3 mm profile height

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