KNX DALI gateway TW

The optimum colour temperature

Illuminate rooms in a targeted manner and use matching colour temperatures to promote performance of people: The KNX DALI gateway TW forms the interface for the control of DALI Tunable White luminaires in a KNX installation (for max. 64 DALI nodes in max. 32 groups).

The basic idea of Tunable White is to control the colour temperature dynamically and continuously from warm white (1,000 Kelvin) to cold white (10,000 Kelvin). The perceived quality improves by adapting the colour temperature to the room. On the one hand, Tunable White stands for high light comfort thanks to its very good colour rendering. On the other hand, but mainly, also for the capability to dynamically adapt artificial light to the human biorhythm. This has been proved to increase the performance of people and have a positive effect on their health. The JUNG KNX DALI gateway TW is the first KNX device that offers this capability with such scope.
Colour temperature and brightness
Using the KNX DALI Gateway TW, colour temperature and brightness can be set independently of each other or combined as desired. In this way, the behaviour of an incandescent lamp can be adjusted by changing the colour temperature to the warmer range when dimming and changing to the colder range when making brighter.

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