KNX Control unit 1 – 10 V, 4-gang

This REG control unit switches and dims electrical devices that access a 1 to 10 volt interface. These include conventional dimmable strip lights or energy-saving RGB and RGBW LED lamps. For the perfect lighting atmosphere, brightness and colour temperature can be regulated through several channels or the ten internal scenes including dimming, scrolling or calling up through connected push-button sensors. The dimming characteristic can be adapted to the lamps deployed for an ideal dimming process.

These features are practically rounded off with a soft switching on and off function, time-controlled lighting reduction and an integrated operation time counter.

Allocate four channels as required
This KNX device can also be flexibly configured with four individually controllable dimming channels. The relay outputs that are not allocated to any dimming channel can be used independently as C-load switch channels. This enables the inclusion of light scenes with parameters that can be set for up to ten internal scenes for each switch output. These scenes, such as "calming light", can simply be scrolled through – i.e. changed in sequence – by means of a switch command from the push-button sensor. Just the individual light atmosphere you desire.

Advantages for fitters
  • A wider range of functions with established installation and handling
  • Manual operation of the outputs independent of the bus (for building site operation, for example) with mechanical status display
  • Individual settings programmable for the customer
  • Extension of the call-up of scenes through changing the ten internal scenes.

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