DALI potentiometer

Brightness and colour temperature control

The Power DALI potentiometer for the manual operation of luminaires with a DALI interface, including the option to adjust the colour temperature (tunable white): the device uses the well-known operating principle of a rotary dimmer. The switching, dimming and regulation of compatible luminaires is possible for up to 26 DALI devices. A maximum of four devices can be combined to increase the number of DALI devices and to guarantee operation from different locations. This technology is typically used in offices and commercial buildings.

The standard covers for rotary dimmers in the AS, A, CD, LS and SL ranges are used for the Power DALI potentiometer.


The connected DALI luminaire is switched by pressing the rotary button.
The stepless dimming of the energy-efficient luminaire with a DALI interface is regulated simply by turning the knob.

Tunable White
Warm, neutral or daylight white as required: the colour temperature is adjusted by pressing and turning the knob at the same time. The limits of the colour temperature range of the luminaire can be set directly on the device itself which enables precise control.

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