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Rich sound and attractive design: The JUNG Smart Radio DAB+ is both a visual and a technical highlight. The DAB radio is available in various frames in the JUNG design. In the version with Bluetooth, you can also stream your own music to the device.

The DAB radio receives countless public or private stations nationwide via DAB+ and the FM frequency. It stores up to eight stations per reception mode. In addition to FM reception and digital radio, the Smart Radio DAB+ Bluetooth version also communicates with smartphones and tablets: once paired, you can listen to your personal favourite songs. With its elegant glass front in the form of a switch, this digital radio is a real eye-catcher. See for yourself.

The right sounds at the right time

In the morning, when you get up, listen to your favourite radio station and during breakfast you'll get the latest news: the receiver provides you with the right music at the right time – digital and analogue.

While the daughter starts the day energetically with her streamed playlist in the bathroom, her little brother dances to the latest children's songs, which he streams via the family tablet to the Smart Radio DAB+ Bluetooth.

Both analogue via FM band and digital radio stations can be received with the smart digital radio from JUNG and are standard. And whoever wants to play their own playlist – whether via stream over the Internet or as a local MP3 playback – uses the version with Bluetooth function.

JUNG switch ranges

The switch ranges from JUNG combine future-proof building technology with timeless aesthetics and durability. The ranges are characterised by their multiple award-winning design and exclusive surfaces. Combine your Smart Radio DAB+ with the switch range of your choice and match it perfectly to your furnishing style.


The technical highlights

A visual and technical highlight: the switch design perfectly blends the Smart Radio DAB+ into the interior. The installation is also well thought out: it is performed in a conventional deep device socket. There are two connection terminals on the left and right for a total of two loudspeakers.
This gives users the choice of enjoying the radio programme or their own music in mono or stereo sound. But the digital radio from JUNG can do much more. These are its technical specifications:

Changing frequencies

Thanks to the flexible connectivity of the digital radio, you can also easily change the reception mode during operation: simply switch to and fro between DAB+ and FM – and listen to the best music at all times. Completely independent of regional coverage.

Wake-up Function

Best mood already at daybreak: using the wake-up function, the Smart Radio DAB+ plays your favourite radio station to wake you in the morning. Summer or winter time? The device automatically updates the time via RDS and DAB+.

Sleep Mode

Listen to the radio play before you go to sleep or listen to soft sounds for a few minutes? Using a sleep timer, the Smart Radio DAB+ switches off exactly when you want it to. Woken up again at night by the radio programme? Not with the Sleep mode!

Night Mode

The display darkens completely in night mode. This means that there is no reason why it should not be mounted directly on the bed, as there is no light to disturb when falling asleep.

Display Brightness

Whether at bright places in the bathroom or at dark corners in the bedroom: the display brightness of the Smart Radio DAB+ is individually adjustable. This allows you to see the displayed stations, songs or settings even in low light or strong sunlight.


Enjoy the best songs via Spotify etc.: use the buttons to control your playlist on your smartphone. The name of the Smart Radio DAB+, which is used to find the device via Bluetooth, can of course also be changed.

Other advantages of DAB+

More Choice

With DAB+ you have a wide variety of programmes and a lot of entertainment. All public radio programmes broadcast via FM can also be received via DAB+. If a station is not yet available, this is not a problem: the Smart Radio also receives FM.

Digital Reception

For DAB reception, you do not need a connection to the Internet and can always listen to all digital radio broadcasts. Digital land-based transmission is independent of data volume and the mobile network.

High Sound Quality

You can enjoy digital sound with the Smart Radio DAB+, noise-free and with clear sound quality. Your favourite music comes to you digitally. Crackling news or grating music enjoyment? Not with DAB+.

Noise-free Transmission

You can of course also enjoy DAB+ on the move: thanks to modern transmission technology, music enjoyment also does not suffer any losses in the car. Thanks to very high coverage, particularly on the motorways.

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