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For a mutually beneficial co-operation

JUNG suppliers and service providers have a high status in the value-added chain and through their contribution provide a significant share of our market success. Through verifiable high quality, innovation, reliability and responsibility for costs, they improve the JUNG performance and competitiveness.

Trust, reliability and the personal contact characterise our attitude to suppliers. The early integration into product development, transparency in information exchange and continuous development thus form for us the basis of a trusting and mutually beneficial co-operation. Are you also interested in working together? Then apply now!


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General purchasing order conditions Show

General purchasing order conditions

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Packaging Guideline Show

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EDI Agreements Show

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pdf DE_JUNG_EDILEKTRO_DESADV.pdf Download 399.10 kB
pdf DE_JUNG_EDILEKTRO_Grundlagen.pdf Download 187.32 kB
pdf DE_JUNG_EDILEKTRO_INVOIC.pdf Download 586.69 kB
pdf DE_JUNG_EDILEKTRO_ORDERS.pdf Download 356.51 kB
pdf DE_JUNG_EDILEKTRO_ORDRSP.pdf Download 409.82 kB
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pdf EN_JUNG_EDILEKTRO_Basics.pdf Download 185.38 kB
pdf EN_JUNG_EDILEKTRO_DESADV.pdf Download 387.51 kB
pdf EN_JUNG_EDILEKTRO_INVOIC.pdf Download 573.73 kB
pdf EN_JUNG_EDILEKTRO_ORDERS.pdf Download 347.47 kB
pdf EN_JUNG_EDILEKTRO_ORDRSP.pdf Download 397.57 kB
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Quality Assurance Agreement

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Tool supply contract Show

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