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The Switch Classic LS 990 in Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier

JUNG is exclusively offering its classic LS990 switch in the 63 original Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours worldwide. Le Corbusier is considered to be one of the most significant architects of the 20th century. What is so special about his colour system is that each of the 63 colours can be combined with any other in the system

Le Corbusier’s works are UNESCO world cultural heritage

"The UNESCO world heritage committee added 17 buildings and ensembles of the architect Le Corbusier to the world heritage list at its meeting in Istanbul in July 2016. The buildings selected include the Villa Savoye in Paris and both buildings of the Stuttgart Weissenhofsiedlung housing project, which were already considered as icons of architectural history. The Unité d’Habitation in Marseille, known colloquially as the housing machine, is also part of the world heritage. Based on this modern type of apartment building, the Corbusier House in Berlin was realised, built in Berlin in 1957 and placed under a preservation order in 1996. As part of the maintenance of Le Cooperations heritage, in the course of the renovation of the Corbusier House, his “Architectural Polychromy“ was also used.

The buildings symbolise Le Cooperations important role in the architecture of the 20th century and are evidence of the globalisation of modernity. Criteria for the recognition as a UNESCO world heritage site include the extraordinarily universal value of the site and a management system that ensures the retention of the heritage for future generations."

Reference object

To this day, Le Corbusier's work has had an impact on our idea of modern architecture. It is impressive how timeless and powerful his buildings and colours are.

Foto: Henrik Schipper

Colour design with a sense of style

Giving rooms the desired atmosphere by using the appropriate combination of shades is true art. Harmonically matched to one another such as the protagonists of an orchestra, the colours of the "Architectural Polychromy" and therefore the products of the Les Couleurs® network partners are a perfect combination.

"Forget about your habits". (Le Corbusier)

Le Corbusier Les Couleurs® sample box
The exclusive gift for lovers of high quality designs.

Background knowledge on Architectural Polychromy

To this day, Le Corbusier's work has had a substantial influence on architecture and design. For him, colour was just as important as layout and form for his buildings and designs.

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