Architecture Talks

Creating networks and having expert discussions in a relaxed atmosphere – that is what the JUNG Architecture Talks are about. Over the last few years, the talks have become a fixture in the German architectural calendar and they have also become popular on the international stage. This year, the Architecture Talks will be held in different places, offering architects and urban planners a platform for spirited public debate on current issues in the industry. In 2020 too, high-profile speakers and selected newcomers in the architectural scene will guarantee intriguing and informative discussions.

We have been hosting the JUNG Architecture Talks since 2006. They were conceived as an event series especially for architects, but also for other audiences, like developers and project owners. Over the years, the talks have become much more than just a networking meeting: sometimes, there’s even a family feel to them and, for us, as a medium-sized company, it is tremendously important to directly communicate with our clients. In the digital age, there are, of course, other media, but we think that talks are extremely important. Over the years, real friendships have developed, both with participants and with speakers.