Everything under mobile control

Control the eNet SMART HOME from anywhere? Simply mobile with the app – whether in your own WLAN or by remote access. Including all settings affecting the Smart Home. Base: the eNet Server. With this, the user can not only trigger individual functions and scenes, but also specify schedules, if-then rules, energy management and access rights.

Overview of rooms
Display all rooms with their functions
Intuitive operation
Simply record and control all functions

Combine functions into comfort scenes
If-Then rules
Programming event-dependent functions

Create time-controlled function sequences
Triggering functions
Fingertip operation of all individual functions

eNet SMART HOME - simple everywhere

At home or travelling: The users always have their home under control with the eNet SMART HOME app and remote. As soon as the eNet remote access is activated, you can control your Smart Home from anywhere. The user interface is adapted to iOS and Android respectively – which means using it is familiar for the user and thus completely intuitive. It doesn’t matter whether the user is in his own living room or on a distant beach in the South Seas. By the way: up to eight end devices can be used with one eNet SMART HOME remote registration.