Reduction as a statement

The switch classic LS 990, flush and consistent

With LS ZERO, the switch connects closely with the installation location. Versions are possible for furniture installation, in masonry and in studwork. The innovation from JUNG provides a planar layer between the surface and the control for every installation type. In the process, the LS ZERO carries over the design constants of the LS 990 switch classic in a flush, new interpretation, which is characterised by the maximum possible reduction in the design. The consistent variety of the solutions sets exemplary new standards at the same time.

Furniture and switches in a perfect symbiosis
More than high-performance function: With LS ZERO, the electrical installation becomes a design element in the furniture design. With the flush installation, an almost flowing transition between the furniture and the switch is created, which meets in a harmonious symbiosis. This opens up new, exciting possibilities for modern interior design. Using the drawing data specified by JUNG, the furniture builder can work to millimetre accuracy. After cutting the recesses, in the next step standard cavity boxes are inserted. Afterwards, the required inserts, the LS ZERO frames and the covers are flush-mounted.

LS ZERO in masonry and studwork
In both areas of use, new design potential is unlocked with LS ZERO. Both in masonry installation and in cavity walls, it is now possible to achieve a harmoniously planar installation. And this with standard device boxes and a uniformly thin frame. Furthermore, with the aid of a special plastering adapter. A proper fit and material alignment can be achieved between the plastering adapter and the plaster.

Variety of colour
The design of the LS ZERO installation offers a range of attractive possibilities. They can be separated from each other in individual frames or combined as appropriate in double or triple frames. The colour pallet extends from White to Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier.