Wooden house, Copenhagen

Building with solid CLT wood

The Brønshøj residential area is on the outskirts of Copenhagen. A glass box has positioned itself in the middle of rows of classical Danish brick houses and it stands out from any other architecture in the area This private, single-family house is clear statement from the Einrum architects.

Solid CLT elements were chosen as the building material. CLT, which stands for cross laminated timber, is a relatively new material in the Danish construction industry. The architects decided in favour of this simple and long-lasting material because it enables the house to breathe.

The wood-coloured walls in combination with the black details such as window frames, chairs and accessories determine the interior design of the building. An apparently floating staircase takes us onto the upper floor. The classic JUNG LS 990 switch design in white blends in harmoniously with its rooms.
Pictures: Espen Grønli

Used Designs and technologies