Sportalm Kitzbühel

Feng shui in the Tyrolean Alps

The family-owned business Sportalm Kitzbühel is one of the most successful companies in the Austrian textile trade. It’s therefore not surprising that the company’s new headquarters is particularly eye-catching – one wouldn’t expect anything less of an internationally renowned company.

A number of prestigious architectural firms were charged with the task of creating the initial designs. This was then followed by an architectural competition, which was won by the studio Ender from the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. After a two-year construction period, the six million euro winning design features shimmering white metal bands, which flow around the construction and separate the various levels, making it possible to add additional height to the building.

Local charm meets Far Eastern harmonics
The white facade connects the company to its surroundings and creates a visual reminder of the stone layers which characterize the Tyrolean Alps. In contrast to this, the courtyard is composed of white concrete and elements of Feng Shui. Sportalm boss Wilhelm Ehrlich had wished for his company to be supplied with “invigorating energy”; Feng Shui expert Claudius Albrecht was in charge of making this happen.

The space inside the building is divided up by shelving units contained within glass partitions. The new Sportalm construction is fitted with the JUNG classic LS 990 switch in white, allowing the electrical installations to also make a clear, purist statement. In addition to the company’s offices, the 2000 square meter office space contains a photo studio and a shop-in-shop. Thanks to its striking looks, the Sportalm headquarters can no longer be overlooked, even by those who are just passing through.
Pictures: Copyrights "Atelier Ender" und " Günter Dirr"

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