Samsung Showroom in Mexico: A unique audiovisual experience—automated by KNX

Ein einzigartiges audiovisuelles Erlebnis, automatisiert mit KNX

The Samsung Group is the largest South Korean conglomerate. This prestigious brand from Asia operates in more than 79 countries and is the global leader in a number of different branches of the electronics industry. To bring its superior technology closer to the consumer, Samsung Electronics opened a showroom in Mexico City, Mexico to showcase the latest range of its most innovative electronics products.

In collaboration with the KNX Training Centre Latam, integrators of building automation and lighting, Samsung implemented the KNX system from JUNG in its showroom in Mexico to automate its product display floor based on the criteria of functionality, aesthetics and energy efficiency. The goal is to show visitors in a fun and educational way that Samsung offers a wide range of high-tech electronics products. By controlling and regulating the lighting and ambience profiles, the KNX system plays a vital role in transforming the showroom visit into a unique audiovisual experience.

Under the motto "One Day with Samsung," visitors embark on their journey through the showroom, passing various zones and product staging areas that envelop users in a thought-provoking atmosphere while transporting them through the unique "World of Samsung." For example, the "projection" area features interactive video walls made of glass that display the history of the brand, illustrate the benefits of a mobile phone or allow visitors to explore the technology of a modern HD television set.

A Samsung tablet acts as the interface for the KNX system. It becomes the virtual guide that conducts visitors through the showroom's different areas. When the system detects an individual’s presence, the lighting in the specific area is activated or deactivated thanks to the KNX presence detectors, which also act as an alarm system. The KNX technology from JUNG provides a central control and monitoring system to manage the global ambience settings with predefined profiles for specific events such as press conferences, celebrations and product presentations.
Pictures: Marco Plol Avila

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