DIAL, Lüdenscheid

A modern service centre for building technology and light

DIAL has created a highly modern workplace for its employees with its new service centre on Bahnhofsallee in Lüdenscheid. On the outside, the three storey block has a striking black façade, while the fully glazed offices inside bring transparency to the workplace. A central atrium serves as a reception area and meeting place with a link to a small bistro for employees, visitors and clients. One of the highlights of the new building is the so-called white laboratory where the effects of different lighting concepts can be tested.

Integrated building concept
The integral planning of the building’s technical services in particular has allowed DIAL to set new standards with the complex. The result is a highly energy efficient new construction that almost achieves passive building standards. The building is heated solely by a ventilation system with heat recovery up to 86%.

With its overall technical concept, DIAL proves that the integral interaction of architecture and technology results in a sustainable building. Following this philosophy, the building uses smart JUNG KNX technology to connect the individual building operations and allow central visualisation and control.

Intelligent sensors make the LS 900 switch range easy to operate. The new KNX presence detector is used in the atrium and in the corridors of each of floor. For installation heights up to 5 m, its excellent detection capabilities are impressive. The presence-dependent constant light control is an additional benefit. For optimal flexibility, the 360° detector angle can be divided into three active segments of 120°.

Used Designs and technologies