Innovative solution for the electrical installation

Plug in rather than use screws – plug + go

With plug + go, JUNG and Wieland present a new, pre-assembled installation system. Ideal for building projects where the equipment in the rooms is repeated. For example, hotels or offices. With plug + go, the electrical installation can be implemented quickly and economically, adapted or changed at any time.

Pre-assembled system – individual solution
The new installation system simplifies the work for tradespeople. plug + go gives architects and investors more planning certainty. Deadlines and costs can be calculated more reliably. With plug + go, everything is prepared so that the installer only has to plug together, and no longer has to use screws. Thanks to the JUNG modular system, the flush-mounting boxes can be individually completed with inserts with various components. Fitting precisely to the combinations from JUNG, Wieland supplies plugs, distributors and power cables for the basic installation. Everything
is prepared so that the tradesperson only has to plug together, and no longer has to use screws.

Fast installation – transparent costs
As a result, the installation time is reduced by up to 70%. In addition, the defect rate is reduced. Compared to a normal installation, the total costs, despite higher material outlay, are around 30% lower. Persuasive arguments for new buildings and retrofitting.

JUNG also has the solution in the case where a device outside the plug + go portfolio is needed in the room for the desired electrical installation. If an empty cavity wall box is planned, special devices such as data connections can be added later.