Voltar Music

Musicalmente, a tecnologia moderna da JUNG oferece com o Smart Radio e o Bluetooth Connect verdadeiros highlights. Prazer também para os olhos: a solução elegante de instalação na parede, no design de mecanismos interruptores, precisa de pouco espaço e oferece-lhe muito conforto. É claro que também se adequa idealmente para o equipamento posterior!

Smart Radio

The new Smart Radio with stereo sound is a highlight in design and function. The display in black or white has intuitive shortcut functionalities for alarm clock, sleep timer and favourites functions. In addition, the brightness of the display and the buttons can be set separately for radio operation or night mode. In night mode the display and buttons are completely darkened, and for that reason the new radio is also perfectly suited for installation next to the bed. RDS operation, satellite and AUX inputs round out the list of features. Of course, this new JUNG radio has the accustomed top sound quality that is assured by the loudspeakers with built-in bass reflex tubes.