Convenience in word and image

First-class door communication

After around a year of successfully practised synergy between JUNG and Siedle, developments with respect to a new variety of door communications are moving steadily onwards. Current example: the new JUNG operating panel Smart-Control 7" has become the video communication point of distinction by using the Siedle Smart Gateway. The persuasive features include the clearly structured user interface and the large display, which shows with a single glance who is at the door. With integration into the JUNG Launcher, the application has the familiar JUNG design for simple operation. The connection to the outdoor stations is via the Smart Gateway using the In-Home-Bus, which ensures the compatibility between the JUNG indoor stations and the Siedle door stations. The 10", 15" and 19" Smart Controls can naturally also be used here depending on requirements and space availability.

A plus in security
The Smart Control 7" as video communication station also fits perfectly to the demands for more security. For example, a video/audio connection with all entrance doors can be established at any time for monitoring purposes. Before the audio connection is established, the resident can already see who has just rung the bell. When needed, the microphone on the panel can be muted so that the visitor cannot hear what is said in the house. In addition, where necessary the call tone can be switched off at the panel.
With each ring press, a picture of the visitor is automatically taken and saved for security purposes. In addition, live images of the cameras can be called up at any time.

Indoor stations with impressive variety
Anyone who wants to extend their Smart Control 7" with "classic" indoor stations, or wants to completely rely on it, the best choice is the JUNG video and audio indoor stations in the switch design. Equipped with high-performance Siedle system technology, these score with a striking range of possibilities. This is already apparent during the installation, which thanks to the modular design is extremely flexible. Because the video, audio and keypad modules can either be fitted together in a multiple frame or separately in simple frames. In combination with the various JUNG designs, which with respect to shape, colour and material offer many configuration alternatives, the indoor stations meet the highest expectations.