Building technology – Made in Germany

Produkte und Systeme von JUNG werden weltweit als Garanten für hochwertige, verlässliche Qualität geschätzt. Mit dem Bekenntnis zur Produktion in Deutschland setzt JUNG auf nachhaltige Entwicklungs- und Herstellungsprozesse sowie Präzision in der Verarbeitung.

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Developed and manufactured in Germany, and
certified by TÜV Nord

14 million socket inserts and 8 million flush-mounted units for switches, produced on fully automatic production lines, leave the JUNG plants in Schalksmühle and Lünen every year. In-house developed and manufactured tools guarantee maximum precision.
With a production rate of over 90% in Germany, JUNG is certified by TÜV Nord with the "Made in Germany" certification mark. We regularly face an external auditorium that checks compliance with the requirements in the company.

Quality in every detail

JUNG zeichnet eine einzigartige Tiefe in der Produktqualität aus. Dabei bestimmen wir jedes einzelne Bauteil – und sei es noch so klein – mit Sorgfalt. Das Ergebnis: Langlebige Mechanik und funktionale Lösungen auf höchstem Qualitätsniveau.

The switch

Functionality you can rely on.

As a visible element, the light switch connects the electrical installation with the room. It must therefore meet both aesthetic and functional requirements. The eye-catching quality of the surface hides the many mechanical parts inside the switch mechanism.

The applicable standard requires 40,000 switching operations in the test. The JUNG quality standards require 50,000 operations – only then does a new switch range from JUNG go on sale.

The socket

Certainly always the best contacts.

The JUNG SCHUKO® socket enables the operation of mobile consumers. Every time the socket is connected, it is subjected to mechanical stress because heat is generated where electricity flows. The actual quality of a socket is therefore concealed inside, in the quality of the contacts and springs.

At JUNG, precise high-performance automatic punching presses form the metal parts, which are then assembled into complex modules. During production, a fully automatic multiple 100% inspection for non-conformities is performed. A socket must withstand 10,000 closures to comply with the standard. Sockets from JUNG are much more durable. They withstand more than twice as many closures before they go on sale.

The push-button sensor

Far more than the standard requires.

The push-button sensor F 40 is used for control tasks in KNX systems. It relies on generous surface area and, thanks to the compact design of its electronics, enables up to 8 functions to be operated with a single button. The regulation of temperature, light or blinds can thus be seamlessly integrated into the electrical installation.

The 40,000 passed position changes in the test required by the standard are exceeded by at least 25% at JUNG in accordance with the factory guidelines.

Made to touch – design quality at JUNG

At JUNG we understand design quality to mean the aesthetics of the outer form, the appearance and feel of the surfaces, the meticulous workmanship and, last but not least, the functionality in handling. Some of the ranges are characterised by exclusive surfaces made of genuine metal and finished by hand.

Multiple awards

Numerous awards such as the Innovative Interior ICONIC Award, the German Design Award or the Product Prize of the trade magazine Detail show our design quality and innovative spirit.