eNet SMART HOME in practice

eNet SMART HOME provides many solutions for diverse requirements: Control functions individually and together. Combine selected functions in scenes, time programs and rules. Keep an eye on energy consumption. And also control your own home remotely.

Because a picture says more than a thousand words: Our videos show the various possibilities and give inspiration for how eNet SMART HOME can make everyday life easier. And that at any age. We hope you enjoy watching and discovering.


Welcome to your eNet SMART HOME! Adapted to your individual requirements and convenient use through the eNet SMART HOME app.

Relaxed living

Comfort at any age: with eNet SMART HOME your home adapts to your life – simple, safe, reliable.

Service everywhere

Whether apartment or house: eNet SMART HOME is adapted to your needs. Ideal for retrofitting.


With eNet SMART HOME, offices also become smart: individual concepts, cost and energy efficient. And, of course, convenient!

System for everyone

eNet SMART HOME is the expert’s system. Based on sophisticated planning, professional implementation and a comprehensive service.


Versatile and future-proof: eNet SMART HOME adapts to the needs of the entire family - safely and comfortably.