The importance of diversity in design.

Built Heritage: No other medium interacts so strongly with human beings through its narrative power as the room. The architecture of the future is flexible, sustainable and inventive, but visionary and always building on the past. Singapore’s distinctive buildings reflect the development of a nation that has come of age.

Built heritage describes our origins and informs our understanding of who we are today. It helps to define a sense of place, an identity for a community.

Space conveys values: Everything communicates. Everything illustrated. Cultural imprints can create different perceptions of space. Therefore, a sensitive and responsible handling of historical buildings is essential - is history a place in terms of rehabilitation and modernization of 'building for the future' solely through an architectural sense of the interaction between place and individual read off?

People synchronize themselves again and again with room: The social challenges of our time, which architects and planners will have to face in the future and the present, climate change, urbanisation and demographic change. How can the preservation of valuable assets be achieved with the creation of smart solutions for the future?

So, what does it take to keep the old while building the new?
28 August 2019
Admission: 1:30 pm | Beginning: 2:00 pm

Asian Civilisations Museum
1 Empress Place
Singapore 179555


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