The eNet-Alliance defines the standard for smart wireless networking

Bachmann, Brumberg, ETHERMA, Gira, JUNG, SimonsVoss and Steinel – all of them leading brands in specialist electrical supply – have joined forces in the eNet Alliance. They are jointly pursuing the goal of opening up additional growth potential in the Smart Home sector for their partners in the qualified specialist trade. As a wireless standard that is fit for the future, eNet offers end customers sustainable and reliable solutions made in Germany.

Smart Home is booming. Several million households are expected to use smart networked technology by 2020. And the number of Smart Home products and suppliers is constantly growing. Yet many end customers want more. They want to have professional advice and comprehensive service in the implementation of their Smart Homes. For this reason, all the brands in the eNet Alliance are banking the know-how of their qualified partners in the specialist electrical trade. Only the trusted craftsman on the spot gives guidance, individually adapts eNet solutions, plans projects as a whole and – after carrying out a reliable installation – also provides an all-round service. Millions of customers rely on this every day. And it is also clear for the brand partners in the eNet Alliance that intelligent building technology belongs in the hands of competent specialist tradespeople.

One standard – many options
The bidirectional wireless eNet system stands for smart networking and operation of building technology – without having to chisel out any slots or install any cables. Consequently the system can easily be retrofitted and is ideal for deployment in refurbishments. This enables convenient operation of comfort and security functions by means of wall switches or smartphones.

Networking expertise – advancing innovation
A network of expertise is developed from the eNet Alliance – one that combines the strengths of each brand. Experience has shown that if leading suppliers agree on a standard, this opens up new opportunities for all partners in the specialist trade. This way solutions are generated through cross-brand applications with genuine added value for end customers. At the same time eNet is developing the trust that each individual brand, and the regional specialist trade, has already enjoyed with end customers for many decades. In view of the growing consumer awareness with respect to data protection, this is a considerable advantage.