A strong partnership

Two operating modes in one device

Twice as good with two functions in one device: The JUNG ceiling observer/presence detector can be configured flexibly for the requirements of the location. In the process it is impressive with outstanding detecting performance (360° detection area) for installation heights of up to six metres. For presence detection, the device has three PIR sensors operating independently of each other. Each of these sensors is allocated to an individually activated area (each with 120° detection angle). In addition, the detection area can be significantly extended by grouping of up to five devices. Thanks to its integrated brightness sensor, the ceiling observer/presence detector can also be used as a twilight switch.

Exact detection
In its role as a presence detector, the compact device automatically provides, for example, energy-saving lighting of the workplace in an office. With an installation height of up to three metres, this covers a detection area with a diameter of 12 metres. This allows monitoring in the finest detail. Even the mouse movements when working on a PC are detected exactly by the device.

Bringing light into the darkness
In corridors and hallways on the other hand, the ceiling observer demonstrates its strengths. When set to this function, the device has a 360° detection area with a radius of 20 metres – likewise based on an installation height of three metres. Also in observation mode the lighting is switched depending on brightness, which saves energy.

Simple remote control
Two infra-red remote controls increase the convenience when using the ceiling observer/presence detector. The user can control various functions with the remote control (switching on and off, activate automatic operation and presence simulation, etc.). With a separately available remote control, the installer undertakes the initial start-up.