Third Place, Thionville

Extraordinary media library

The media library "Third Place" is located in the northern French city Thionville. The architecture firm Dominique Coulon & associés from Strasbourg has not only developed a building, but a public space. Not only the media library's work is available to the user, but also rooms for exhibitions and work as well as a café and a restaurant.

The building was built in the middle of the town center. Trees border the media library on all four sides of the road and create a visual separation from the surrounding traffic. The dynamic building form of the library stretches like a band around a central patio. A ramp in the patio leads to the green roof top.

The electrical installation was implemented in the design LS 990 in Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier. The classic switch LS 990 in a refreshing brilliant green, bright sky blue and a bright brick red sets in the media library colorful accents and adapts to the interior design.
Foto's : Eugeni Pons

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