Green Hall, Vilnius

Working by the Neris River

The Green Hall project, situated on the bank of the Neris River in Vilnius, is being developed as a business centre for the SBA Group. The project is characterized by its expressive architecture that is inspired by nature’s forms. The 14 storey elliptical tower expands as it progresses in height and is enclosed in scales of glass which create a uniform skin over the curved, slightly skewed building form.

The dynamic exterior and the uniform glass skin are made possible by the building’s load bearing concrete core and columns which have been held free from the facades. This provides maximum flexibility in the design of office areas.

The Business-Centre is equipped with smart technology from JUNG. The intelligent KNX system connects the aspects of convenience, security and energy efficiency. Push-button sensors control lights, blinds and temperature, among other things. The button in the classic LS 990 switch in white fit harmonioulsy into the environment.
Foto's : Business-Centre Green Hall

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