Finca, Majorca

From the outside, discrete, inside puristic

The ground plan lends openness to the house; it gets its magic from the patio. This is situated on the north side of the building and captivates with its intimacy. The floor is tiled with old flagstones, a fountain splashes in the wall and a Holm oak in the middle provides shade. In the same way, its clear form - square blocks, flat gable roof, surrounded by two small, low extensions - shows the natural stone wall of the façade to its advantage.

Inside the house, the wooden beams below the ceiling and the floor in local Marès sandstone make their appearance thanks to the large, white-plastered rooms. The axial arrangement of the rooms allows a complete overview from the entrance area: through the open-plan living area into the garden and from east to west, where dining area, kitchen, open-plan living area and a large drawing room are in alignment. Instead of doors there are wide entranceways, so that the entire floor appears like a single generous and open space. The interior impresses with its warm colours and natural materials such as wood.

The property is equipped with the classic JUNG LS 990 design in white.
Foto's : Mads Mogensen

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