Audio connectors

Audio plugs and accessories

Loudspeaker plug-in connectors, 2-pin

  • In accordance with DIN 41 529
  • With screw terminals for cores of up to 2.5 mm2
  • For covers of the A, CD, LS and SL series

Chassis plug with standard enclosure

  • "XLR"-compatible chassis plug with universal enclosure for the plug and socket version
  • For covers of the A and CD series

High-end loudspeaker pole terminal

  • Terminal for the professional connection of loudspeaker cables to high-end loudspeakers
  • Pole terminal with patented locking nut system for the maximum holding of cable lugs (6 and 8 mm spade lug) and crimped cable ends of up to 6 mm2
  • Pole terminal body made in one piece and hence very low transition resistance
  • Non-twist installation
  • Material: OFC copper, 24 carat gold plated (permanent surface protection)

High-end Cinch sockets pair

  • High-quality socket made of copper alloy with 24 carat gold plating, biprism contact made of pure copper
  • With special spring pressure mechanism with a bronze ring Dielectric made of Teflon
  • Non-twist installation
  • Fixing of the ends by a three-hole nut

Stereo loudspeaker socket

  • 25 V ~, 60 V DC
  • Core cross-section max. 10 mm2
  • With 4 plug-in terminals at the front, marked red/black
  • Screw terminals at the back
  • Also suitable for use with extra-low voltage systems units
  • For covers of the A, CD, LS and SL series