Control units

Components to conveniently control relay and dimming stations

Sensor module

The control panel of the sensor module is split up into 16 freely selectable sensor points that can accommodate a total of eight functions for lighting, blind and shutter control; a maximum of eight active switching functions can be grouped. Just a light touch to the sensory surface is enough to control the programmed function. In addition, the flexibility of design opens up new and creative dimensions to transform a switching element into an object with an unmistakable design: For example, the front can be provided as desired with a photo of the room, with a stylised line drawing or also simply with text. In this way you can also make the design of the sensor module to be self-explanatory for the desired form of operation. In addition, it is possible to clone the sensor modules to provide optimal convenience. Here the assignment of the operating points of a module is transferred to others.

The sensor module is available in the design of the LS series.

Push-button modules

The push-button module for the JUNG bus is available in 1-gang to 4-gang versions, with which you can conveniently control the lighting, blinds and shutters. Operation is done using large buttons in a neutral design or with symbols. For optimal flexibility the Universal push-button extension module quickly, easily and cost-effectively expands a 4-gang push-button module, for example, into an 8-gang unit. In addition it is possible to clone the push-button modules. Here the button assignment of a module is transferred to other modules. This application also functions in connection with the extension module.

The push-button modules are available in the A, CD and LS series.

Key card holder

The JUNG bus provides maximum convenience in the smallest amount of space for hotel operators as well. Because the key card holder can be connected to the dimming station Universal : Once the key card is inserted the room lighting is automatically switched on by the central function. When the key card is taken out the lighting remains switched on for one more minute and the dimming station can be operated further. After that there is a fade-out phase, in which the lighting is dimmed to minimum brightness within three minutes and then switched off.

The key card holder is available in the A, CD and LS series.