Back Questions to Hendrik Brinkmann

Or: Why Hendrik Brinkmann's relationship with Schinkel has developed into a love-hate affair.

1. Good architecture should ...
... be inspired, and inspire.

2. Architects should ...
... be open to any form of inspiration and have the aspiration to inspire others.

3. What inspires you?
Of course, I try to take what I just said seriously and to be as open as possible. I think inspiration can be found in everything: in the entire built environment, in movies, in music, in art.

4. Are there any buildings you feel particularly passionate about?
This is always a snapshot because everything moves and changes. Recently, I have been concerning myself a lot with Karl Friedrich Schinkel's Bauakademie, and that is why it is currently playing a very important role in my study of architecture. The relationship has, however, also developed into a kind of love-hate affair.

5. Do you have a favourite architect or a role model?
Here, I could also name Schinkel, for the same simple reason that his work, most of all the Bauakademie, is something I have been applying myself to for some time. But I still enjoy being inspired by contemporary work.

6. Is there something you would never design?
At times, I've been working in the office on very large-scale projects. In these projects, you can easily lose the bigger picture and it will be difficult to create exciting spaces and to do justice to the details. If I can avoid working on designs of that kind, I would like to do that.

7. On the other hand, is there anything that you really would love to design?
I would like to design a chair.

8. Do you feel that your education was too utopian or do you think that it has prepared you well for the profession of architect?
That's not necessarily an either / or question for me. On the one hand, my studies prepared me very well for the job, but on the other hand, they also opened my mind for utopian questions and ways of thinking.

9. You are still a ‘newcomer’! Where do you see yourself in the future if everything develops as you imagine?
Currently I work as a research assistant at the TU Berlin. I use the free time I have alongside and through my job for communication, public lectures and publications. Then I support friends who, like me, with their first projects, are trying to gain a foothold in the architecture world. Thinking about this further, it already feels like the right direction to me.

10. If you had not studied architecture, what would you do now? Was there a plan B?
No, there wasn't. I have somehow intuitively opted for architecture and over time I increasingly realise that it is right for me.
Hendrik Brinkmann