Back Intuitive operating convenience

Every hotel wants to offer its guests the optimum convenience, independently of the standard of the technical equipment.A pre-requisite for this is a coherent operating philosophy.

Simultaneously controlling several functions from a central location increases comfort. Clear symbols facilitate handling and make them more intuitive. Sockets allow the connection of brought devices. 

Plug & Light

The plug & light light socket with suitable LED light attachments makes light planning extremely easy. In the shape of the JUNG switch design.
The feeling good for the guest already starts with the intuitive orientation in the room. Clarity and comprehensibility for operation and function of the switch are essential for this. The most important functions combined, for example placed centrally next to the bed, with clear labelling. Lighting, curtains, climate or complete scenes can be controlled by the guest by pressing a button or using rotary movement according to well-known operating patterns.

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