LED floor pilot light

Clearly consistent

As inventor of the SCHUKO® socket with pilot light, JUNG has now optimised the concept:
the result is a flush-mounted LED light integrated in the design cover with defined, downward shining light beam. Available in the A and LS ranges for more variety.

Consistently flat design now also with LED pilot lights and the SCHUKO® socket with LED pilot light: the neutral white LED installed flush with the design cover shines downward in a defined beam. On the one hand, this provides a safer, glare-free orientation in the dark – and on the other hand, a uniquely stringent look. This design concept is available for the A and LS ranges and thus opens up new creative possibilities. Light only when needed: LED pilot lights and SCHUKO® socket with LED pilot light are each available with integrated brightness sensor. The LED pilot lights are also available as variants without brightness sensor.

Performance characteristics:
  • Light temperature = 4,000 K
  • Power consumption during standby = 0.3 W
  • Power consumption during operation = 0.5 W

SCHUKO® socket with LED pilot light in LS 990
SCHUKO® socket with LED pilot light in Acreation

LED pilot light in LS 990
LED pilot light in A creation

LED pilot lights in LS 990 with defined downward shining light beam.

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