Keyboards of Colour

Colours influence all areas of life. Colour is energy, producing moods.
"Man needs colour to live. It is just as necessary an element as water or fire".

Colours convey information - visually and physiologically.
Colours trigger emotional and physical reactions, influence human behavior.

Instinctive reactions vary between individuals, but the effects of individual colours are based upon fundamental patterns and experiences that apply more universally.

How many colours can be distinguished?
Several million colours are registered for computer programmes.
The human eye, however, can only perceive a few shades.
Practical colour design requires a standardized palette.

Design and architecture desire a clear and consistent system that represents the familiar colours of nature and can produce combinations just as harmoniously.

A colour system of this kind acts like an orchestra.
The combination of colours resembles the composition of music:
What is the basic tone? Is this definition to vary?
Shall soloists stand out from the harmony of tones?
Should the melody or rhythm - the accents - be repeated?
It is the musician's interpretation that brings the music to life.
Les Couleurs Suisse is presenting such a system, a distinct world of colours with a unique philosophy - based on the world-famous Polychromy Le Corbusier:
a coherent colour system with a skilfully standardized colour range, with specific colour preferences for spatial and physiological impacts, for practical accomplishment of convincing colour concepts, transferable to multiple coloured areas and objects, and legitimized by the most well known brand in architecture and design - Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier.

Les Couleurs Suisse

Les Couleurs Suisse AG in Zurich holds the worldwide exclusive rights associated with the unique Polychromy Le Corbusier and offers licences to selected companies for the use of the original Le Corbusier colours for outstanding products.

„Die Farbe ist in der Architektur, ein ebenso kräftiges Mittel wie der Grundriss und der Schnitt.“
(Le Corbusier)

"Colour in architecture – a means as powerful as the ground plan and section. Or better: polychromy, a component of the ground plan and the section itself." (Le Corbusier)

Le Corbusier created two impressive colour collections:
the first colour keyboards were published in 1931, the second collection in 1959. Le Corbusier was fascinated by the harmonious colours found in nature. He built his "Architectural Polychromy" upon an intelligent, artistic, emotional and passionate selection of pigments.
His colours express the natural and the fundamental. They are the result of his unparalleled experience as an architect, designer, artist and colourist. They are naturally harmonious and impressively combinable all through .

Architectural Polychromy

The architect Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier is the most important architect of the 20th century and far beyond. His work continues to have considerable influence on architecture and design today. For Le Corbusier, the colouration of his buildings and designs was as important as the ground plan and the shape.
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