Back Boris Schade-Bünsow

… or why Boris Schade-Bünsow does not like Ufos.

1. Good architecture should … site-specific, to scale, neither too big – which is often the case – nor too small, use the correct materials, serve society and not resemble Ufos, buildings out of space and place in the environmental context.

2. Architects are …
... creative engineers.

3. What does ‘home’ mean to you?
That depends as I travel a lot and am not particularly attached to a location but rather personal attitude. I feel at home almost anywhere, whether in hotels or similar accommodation. I love to be with my family and kids and would like to be where they are.

4. Whom would you have liked to build your house?
I know that Mies van der Rohe’s houses are uninhabitable and that many occupants have complained about that. By Scarpa perhaps.

5. Which building triggers a particular passion in you?
Very many. I passionately dislike the Berlin Schloss. I feel nothing but anger and disappointment.

6. If you could realise one of your dreams – without building permit -, what would you build?
We always build in a context which is not determined by regulations only but other surrounding buildings.

7. What do you consider the future challenge for architects? What should determine architecture in future?
We are dealing with two rough changes: a lot of energy at the disposal of architecture and demographic changes. Architecture should project both.

8. What are you currently working on?
We have the Bauwelt Fundamente which exists for fifty years; one of its most important editors-in-chief will be ninety years old this year.

9. FC Bayern or Borussia Dortmund?
I am not interested in football, but from an architectural viewpoint I consider Dortmund more exciting because Munich is already complete as it is. Dortmund undergoes dramatic changes, especially after the IBA Emscherpark. There is a whole lot happening in the Ruhr Valley – transforming from an industrial town into another, new town. That’s why I consider Dortmund extremely exciting and am rather pro-Dortmund.
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