High-tech architectures & contemporary trends

New design thanks to new technology? Or the other way round: Do innovative new developments in the technical sector trigger a rethinking of design in the first place? Both components are closely interlinked and interact. Technological progress advances inexorably, intelligent controlling and cross-linking expand our competences. Likewise, improved design of interfaces leads to enhanced usability by the user. Thus, could we speak of a symbiosis of design and technology?

This interaction is often seen in contemporary architecture as well as related tasks. How can we construct more sustainably without destroying urban space or deprive citizens of their comfort? Which architectonic opportunities can be derived from developing both segments? To what extent can we make technology a positive experience?

The event will be held in English and Korean.
Afterwards, we invite you to an informal get-together.
8 November 2019
Admission: 1.30 pm
Beginning: 2.00-5.00 pm
Lucky Draw: 5.00-5.30 pm

Novotel Ambassador Seoul Gangnam
130 Bongeunsa ro
Gangnam gu
Republic of Korea



After the event we look forward to a get-together in a relaxed atmosphere.

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