Atgal Manufacturing competences
at the Schalksmühle site

JUNG has been based in Schalksmühle since the company was founded. The company headquarters with its administration, development centre, toolmaking shop, socket production, sales, training centre and metalworking is still located here today.

Product Development

High technology – "Made in Germany" Schalksmühle develops solutions for advanced building system technology, from the further development of existing systems to complex mechatronic projects to the design and implementation of Smart Home apps for the IoT.

Sockets Production

Three completely automated production lines produce 14 million socket inserts per year. High-performance automatic punching presses form support rings and contact springs, which are then assembled into complex modules.

Flexible Assembly Lines

More than 1,000 product variants are manufactured on flexible assembly lines, both customer-specific and in smaller quantities. JUNG thus provides a particularly wide range of products and a high degree of delivery capability.

Quality Inspection

Quality and product safety are very important at JUNG. It goes without saying that all products comply with the applicable legal requirements and standards. In addition, they are subject to strict internal quality requirements that extend up to 100% testing.

Metal processing

JUNG has proven its specialist know-how in metalworking for decades. Aluminium, stainless steel, brass, chrome-plated or with almost 24 carat gold plating - JUNG switches with special haptic and aesthetic quality are produced every day.

Exclusive Small Series

One design – 63 colours Exclusively throughout the world, JUNG is providing the LS 990 classic switch in the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours. For the unique coloured finish, the covers of the light switches, sockets and KNX push-buttons are painted by hand to order.