Sustainable thinking and action

Climate protection and resource conservation have long since become an essential issue, and sustainable action is one of the greatest challenges of our time. This has always been a top priority at JUNG. This requires thinking in terms of generations instead of short-term successes. 

Continuous research and development

As a manufacturer of electrotechnical building system technology, we are particularly committed to making a contribution to enabling people to use energy in buildings more efficiently and to better assess and control their energy consumption. This is why JUNG has been investing in research and development for decades – a commitment that pays off for the company, the user and the environment. Developers and designers focus on durable devices for efficient building technology and the integration of new technologies into JUNG systems. For example, in addition to convenient ways of controlling light and heat, the Smart Home technology provides great potential for effectively reducing energy requirements and thus CO2 emissions. More and more products and solutions for handling decentrally generated, regenerative energy are becoming the focus of JUNG product development.
Just as important as the development of future-oriented products are environmentally compatible procurement and production, durable forms that retain their modernity for years to come, and simple assembly. In order to achieve the best possible results here, JUNG engages in dialogue with its customers, electrical retailers and electrical installers, as well as architects, planners and users. Requests, suggestions and criticism are collected, analysed and further processed at national and international trade fairs, in the JUNG Academy and in the JUNG Architectural Talks. One result of this dialogue is, for example, the development of plug-in components for serial rooms with uniform equipment, such as those found in hotels, offices or public housing. The savings potential is enormous. 70% shorter cable lengths and 50% less copper consumption are just two of the many positive aspects of this product development.

Logistics of short distances

With its commitment to production exclusively in Germany, JUNG relies on the principle of short distances and environmentally friendly procurement and logistics. We have a network of long-standing, specialised suppliers around the production sites in Schalksmühle and Lünen. Continuity, transparency and fairness are important factors for us in our cooperation with our suppliers.
After production, an efficient and space-saving storage system and a Germany-wide network of agent warehouses ensure the optimum availability of our products. Completely automated order picking, material-saving packaging suggestions and optimised logistics ensure that the goods are at the right place at the right time and thus noticeably reduce the volume of transport and the number of shipments.

Energy-efficient production

The responsible handling of raw materials and energy is a top priority in the JUNG mission statement. We continuously invest in the energy efficiency of our production facilities and buildings. For example, a modern combined heat and power plant ensures the economical generation of heat and electricity.
In the production buildings at the Lünen plant, we use energy-saving LED lighting technology equipped with daylight-linked brightness control via DALI. The in-house energy monitoring and regular energy audits carried out by independent experts show further potential savings, which we continuously implement.

Absolute product safety

JUNG pays the utmost attention to absolute product safety. It goes without saying that all electrotechnical products comply with the applicable legal requirements – also on international markets. They have been tested for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and manufactured in accordance with VDE standards.
In addition, they are subject to strict internal quality requirements, some of which go well beyond the official standards and include a 100% inspection of the entire batch. The hardware and software components from the KNX and Smart Home building system technology are subjected to a detailed functional test before shipment.

Intelligent packaging management

Like JUNG packaging, technical documentation and assembly instructions are made of recycled waste paper and are 100% recyclable. If possible, JUNG packaging is inserted and only glued in places exposed to particular stress. Intelligent packaging management makes it possible to optimally load cartons and pallets with different pack sizes.
The cartons are selected to match the delivery quantity in order to avoid the use of fillers or unnecessarily large outer packaging. When developing packaging, we pay attention to sophisticated folding techniques and intelligent cuttings which, for example, avoid additional inserts and still protect the product optimally. JUNG also participates in the Interseroh and Resy take-back systems.

Sustainable construction and operation of buildings

Building automation with KNX forms the basis for efficient energy management in functional and private buildings. KNX systems unfold their full potential for increasing efficiency in functional buildings such as schools, open plan offices or hotels. The technology here can contribute to significantly reducing emission-related environmental impacts and resource consumption.

Sustainability-certified buildings with JUNG building technology

Numerous buildings already meet the highest certification criteria for sustainable construction according to national and international standards. The devices and systems from JUNG used in the buildings consistently meet the high requirements without restriction. Further examples can be found in the References section.

Use knowledge, share experience

We are involved in various committees and universities to promote future-oriented product development.

Certificates and manufacturer's declarations


At JUNG, a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 ensures the quality of the products throughout the entire development and production process.

RoHS and REACH Compliance

JUNG produces according to RoHS directives and in compliance with the EU chemicals regulation REACH.