Hotel Fracanzana, Italy

A dream from Italy

The hotel is in the north-east of Italy, in the village of Fracanzana between Verona and Vicenza, close to the Venetian Alpine foothills. Both the Hotel and the village are named after the Fracanzanas, one of the most influential families from Verona. The family had the farmhouse built where the hotel is located today.

As well as the idyllic Italian backdrop, the hotel offers holidaymakers and business travellers a spa area, a restaurant and a conference room that can seat up to 80 people. The hotel is furnished in modern country style. Rustic wooden ceilings, unplastered brick walls and a mixture of various craftsmanship traditions bring out the charm of this former farmhouse.

The light and heating are simply and intuitively operated through the KNX technology from JUNG. All of which provides maximum convenience for the guests.
Pictures: La Fracanzana

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