A new architectural interpretation, Venice

History meets the modern on the Grand Canal

Hardly anywhere can the history of architecture be experienced with such immediacy as in Venice, with its magnificent palaces, countless churches, numerous stone bridges and winding alleys. In the middle of this historic scenery, in the San Marco district, there is a 19th century home that has been given a new lease of life. Three modern apartments have been designed there to capture and reinterpret the many-sided shapes and colours of Venice.

The Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa duo of architects have created a totally unique spatial structure within the existing building. In the process they have not interfered with what was already there. Instead they have successfully continued their own approach, in response to the location. The classic LS 990 switch design from JUNG, in various Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours, proves an ideal extension to the design concept of the building – emphasising its individual mix of traditionally historic and sternly modern components.
Foto : Carola Ripamonti

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